'Cuz Logs Don't Come with Handles

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The LogJaw Story
The original LogJawTM was fabricated from steel rod by welding, forging and machining operations.  While these processes worked well for manufacturing a few LogJawsTM for personal use and to optimize its functional design, mass production of a professional quality tool required more controllable and efficient production means. 

S.S. Technologies, West Olive, MI was selected to provide the engineering services to transform LogJawTM from a home crafted tool to a commercial product.  Investment casting was the process that was determined to be the best to manufacture LogJawTM as a commercial product.  While investment casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes in existence, in recent decades it has been refined into a high technology casting process widely used by the aerospace industry to manufacture precision castings such as jet engine components.  Incorporating this production technology facilitates tight quality control of the metallurgy of the steel in each LogJawTM, assuring consistent maximum structural strength with minimum weight.  Casting also facilitates contouring the gripping surfaces of the LogJawTM to match the human hand, optimizing its ergonomics.

The original tool as developed and engineered.  

LogJawTM is a family business and we take pride in the fact that from the original invention of the tool to the filling of your order, every aspect of the business is managed by a member of our family to assure your complete satisfaction.  We are also proud that LogJawTM is ....

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