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Of course, we here at LogJaw think this tool rocks!  However, we wouldn't expect you to totally take our word for it.  Since this tool is new to the market, we need your testimonials.  We will continue to add them, please e-mail us your testimonial to  beth@logjaw.com.   

United Kingdom Customer Feedback

"The LogJaw has been a real eye-opener – the crews don’t seem to mind handling timber as much and they can’t believe we had to wait so long to get such a brilliant bit of kit.

It has reduced handling time and effort by at least 50% and should be considered as a vital addition to any equipment list for any company committed to reducing operative exposure to manual handling. The LogJaw allows for a much less awkward lift and brings a level of ergonomics to the process of timber handling."
Andy Hancock,
Bergen Arbortech

Article by Phil Dunsford for FCA magazine
I received an email recently asking me to field test a new piece of American –made logging equipment called a LogJaw.  It sounded like something I would have seen before, but on further investigation it proved to be useful for a wide range of jobs.

Essentially the LogJaw is a metal hand-operated lifting device weighing approx 1kg.  It has three sharpened steel prongs, approx 2cm long, one of which hangs free from a pivot bolt.  A comfortable, shaped handle with an incorporated knuckle protector is gripped in the hand allowing the user to ram the single metal prong firmly into the end grain of a crosscut log.  As it is lifted, the other two prongs bite into the side of the timbergiving three points of contact.  Further lifting increases their grip. Once the log has been moved, the device is easily detached by pushing the handle downwards, which frees up the two side prongs, and the single prong is easily removed from the end grain.

LogJaws are generally used in pairs, and can be used by two people to carry a large log with one person using a single LogJaw at each end, or by one person to carry a single log with a LogJaw in each hand.  I experimented by shifting various sized lumps of timber with my logging assistant (daughter Ruby) around the yard.  Our impression were that these implements are well-made, simple to use, versatile and effective.

Further opinions were gathered when I took the LogJaws to the UK Logging Championships at Woodfest Wales in early June.  Everyone who tried them felt that they were a useful piece of kit, and were impressed by the quality of their construction and effectiveness in gripping the timber when lifted. (To be honest, I was lucky to get them back at the end of the day…!!).

LogJaw Website Customer:

I recently purchased a set of log jaw tools. On arrival the packing list/receipt you asked for feedback.  Tool pays for itself in one use. Though I might add the video I saw which caused me to order your tools, shows a woman and a man lifting a sizable log. The log appeared to be cut fresh- though I am sure that it was  seasoned or light wood. The tool is still only as useful as the amount of weight you can safely pick up, but there is no question, the tool made the job  as easy as can be when lifting heavy logs or beams.

I am very pleased.

Sincerely, JDR

Awesome Must Have Tool
"As a family who moves a lot of firewood around, mostly cut on our property, the LogJaw has been a great addition. It is extremely sturdy and tough, yet manageable for even the smallest hands (I wear a size 5.5 ring if that gives you an idea!). Great for hauling logs and brush around/out of the way, etc. Love that it's Made in USA! Saves on back strain."
-T.M Perry -  Wood-cutting family

This tool is amazing!
"I bought a pair of LogJaws because we get fallen trees all of the time on our property that need to be removed. Before we would have to cut the trees into many pieces in order to get them out of the woods. Now, we simply cut down the tree and carry it out. What a time saver! I can't believe that by giving a tree handles that it makes it so much easier to pick up, but it works!

These are great for carrying heavy logs as well. It alleviates back pain because the weight is more evenly distributed. It is safer because you don't run the risk of dropping the log onto your foot. It's cleaner because it keeps you from having to hug the tree to carry it around. Now for us, there is no need to hire someone to clean up the big stuff. We can move trees ourselves with these babies. These tools are amazing! I tell everyone about this product. It's the best!"
- K. Barker - Homeowner with woods

Fantastically inventive and useful tool
"This tool is very well-made and extremely durable, down to the smallest detail. The business owners are exceedingly proud of their product, conscientious, and devoted to a quality customer experience. I wish Logjaw had been around during all those freezing cold days when my whole family would spend hours cutting and hauling/dragging scratchy, awkward armloads of firewood!"
L.C. - Michigan

"I am not a forester, but rather a weekend worker.  I recently used the LogJaw tool at our property in northern Michigan.  It works great.  My sons (10 and 7) also used the tool to help move smaller logs that we are cutting on the property.  The tool is very easy to use and avoids stress being placed on your back."
- Chris Tracy, Ducks Unlimited's Regional Vice President for Region 3 (MI, MN and WI)

"Amazingly simple way to carry and drag logs through the woods. Also, it is an easy way to pickup the log that is down in the snow or dirt.   My teenage sons love using it. Thanks!"

- Rick D., outdoor wood boiler owner

“I have to admit, I thought it was too simple to work very well.  I was wrong.”   

- Craig S., outdoor wood boiler owner


“I can’t believe how well it holds onto the log!”

-  Cal P., weekend “lumberjack”



The LogJaw was reviewed in the Farm Show Publication, March 2013.  Check it out! 

LogJaw has distributors in the United Kingdom and Japan
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